TattooDiscover the Hottest Tattoo Styles in Tattoo Shops: A Guide to the Latest Trends in Body Art

Inkache Tattoo

Discover the Hottest Tattoo Styles in Tattoo Shops: A Guide to the Latest Trends in Body Art

Whenever you step into a tattoo shop, one thing is worth noting – the evolution of styles trending in the tattoo world. Inkache Tattoo, one of the foremost studios in Australia, integrates these popular trends in creating exclusive, enticing pieces that echo our customers’ unique personalities and style.
Every masterpiece has a source of inspiration rooted in these globally influenced styles. Let's embark on an engrossing journey across three widely accepted tattoo styles flourishing passionately at premier tattoo shops all around the world.

Bold Artistry with American Traditional

The root of a resplendent tattoo culture sailed with sailors to Western nations, proliferating the instantly recognizable style known as American Traditional or Old School. Manifesting primarily robust, bright, and exceptionally minimalistic designs, this style incorporates bold black outlines filled with a limited yet vibrant color palette, typically revolving around classic red, solid black, yellow and oceanic green. Designs often consist of roses, daggers, nautical elements, and eagles are predominant.
Executing the Vital Steps:
**Enabled with years of honed skill and passion, our experienced tattoo artists make getting an American Traditional tattoo in our shop incredibly electrifying.

  1. Have a one-to-one consultation with our artist to discuss your vision and objectives.
  2. Choose a design rooted in rich traditional or customize a fresh piece meant only for you.
  3. Watch the beauty unfold layer-by-layer, as our artist starts creating the design on your desired location.
  4. Finally, walk out of our studio boasting a classic tattoo style adorned by personalities through the sacrifices.
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A New Wave with Watercolour tattoos

The Watercolour style wreaks with a whole new wave of peaceful rebellion in the industry. Mimicking the captivating washes, bleeds, fades, and vibrant colours of watercolour paintings, they find the iconic line-work from tattooing norms. Renoir and Monet's passion seem to bloom with the ignited palettes of purples, blues and reds swirling with playful splashes tantamount to an expert painter's brushstrokes on an immaculate canvas.
Going with Dawn’s Watercolor Wild:

  1. Explore a myriad of dazzling unrestrained concepts that binds well with this organic style.
  2. Let us know your favourite colors that mirrors your spirit, that you want sprinkling in your tattoo.
  3. Witness the captivating process as drops of unique hues are combined to achieve splendid gradients.
  4. Embrace the magical experience of having a painter's masterpiece etched onto your canvas that is nothing short of a touch of enchantment from artists at our tattoo shop.
    Finally, one must remember that no style rings wrong. Fetch the authenticity through an Art Deco piece or express yourself through tinkling bare, almost-whisper aesthetic of a Fine-line, stepping into a tattoo shop like Inkache will ensure your reflections sustain aptly on ink prevalent worldwide. Any of these styles will boost your personality's quotient and redefine your vibe in the most captivating way possible.
    As an established fixture for body art aficionados in Australia and beyond, Inkache Tattoo Studio beckons you, dear style seekers, to join a creative journey where timeless arts meet an immortal canvas. Step in and etch your heart out!

Disclaimer: This article contains charts and insights informed by data references from,,, They are not direct representations but are based on our interpretations and analysis. While we've made every effort to ensure accuracy, there may be occasional discrepancies. Please use this information judiciously.