Realism, fineline, Watercolor


Over 4 years experience, he  enjoys working on realism, fineline, watercolour and specialise in doing mircorealism. Contact him for further information

Realism, oriental, fineline and Chinese painting


With over 7 years tattooing along with over 24 years drawing experience, Fiona specialises in in Oriental, Japanese, Realism and Fine line styles. She always make sure her client’s tattoos are unique and to their satisfaction.

Old school(traditional) and wotercolour


Over 4 years experience, she has passion for fine line and cartoon style. she is creative, just check more information with her

Watercolour, realism, mandala


Over 5 years experience, she has passion for watercolour, realism, mandala and specialise in doing cover up. Contact her for more information

Fine line, traditional Chinese ink, realistic


Emily is a tattoo artist of 4-year working experience in Australia. She came with an artistic background with more than 20 years experience and is able to provide you with the most unique design that suits your style. Emily specializes in fine line tattoo, traditional Chinese ink tattoo and realistic tattoo.