About Us


Established in 2020, the unusual and special year. Inkache Tattoo as the young tattoo shop is aim to provide our valued customer with high standard and quality tattoo experience.


With four talented tattoo artists and their respective artistic styles, Inkache Tattoo offer our customers a wide range of tattooing design styles.


We are happy to help with any questions you may have about the design, process and aftercare. We make sure your tattoos are the unique and special just for you.

This tattoo shop is great, thanks to Fiona’s work, I love it!


I got my first tattoo at Inkache today and am beyond happy. I got nervous before getting inked and fainted for a few minutes, and the staff were there for me until I regained consciousness. They rushed to get me lollies and did not make me feel uncomfortable about the situation. They were friendly and hospitable.


If you want not to regret your tattoo, Inkache will be a good choice. I believe Fiona will not make you regret and disappointed.


Inkache Tattoo shop is the absolute best tattoo shop I have ever been to!! I will never go to any other tattoo shop ever again!! Ever single artist is extremely polite and professional at Inkache. I have received a tattoo from Sabi and I can not be any happier!!!

Kayla Dimasi

Full marks for technology, elegant environment, professional and friendly, good at various styles. Don't regret your work.


I visited Inkache tattoo this past Sunday then went in yesterday to get my piece done - I had an amazing experience to say the least! The artists are so welcoming, and since I was getting a full back piece done they made sure to make the area as private as possible to ensure that I was comfortable

Jayme Farrell