TattooPopular Tattoo Styles Offered by Melbourne Tattoo Studios

Inkache Tattoo

Popular Tattoo Styles Offered by Melbourne Tattoo Studios

Discovering the World of Tattoos at Melbourne Studios

Walk along Glenferrie Road in Melbourne, and you might come across an artistic haven known as Inkache Tattoo, a Melbourne tattoo studio that personifies creativity within the city’s buzzing tattoo scene. This tattoo studio in Melbourne is renowned for a number of trendsetting tattoo styles that cater to every fan's gusto.

Pioneering Tattoo Styles by Melbourne Artists

Melbourne tattoo studios, including Inkache Tattoo, capture imagination through a broad repertoire of styles. Prestigious Melbourne tattoo artists are well-versed in different streams of artistry – fostering an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary tattoo design styles.

  • Traditional Style: Originated in the Western world, this style utilises bold lines, vibrant colours, and iconic designs like roses, skulls, and anchors.
  • Realism: Birthed from the Renaissance period, realism impresses with intricate detail and exceptionally life-like portraits.
  • Blackwork: An increasingly popular design trend in Melbourne tattoo studios, blackwork involves tattoos designed purely with black ink to create deeply symbolic forms and patterns.

Chart: Comparison of Tattoo Styles, Distribution of Tattoo Styles in Melbourne

Steps to Dip Your Back into the Melbourne Tattoo Studio Scene

Emerging trends are exciting, but jumping into the process headfirst can be intimidating. Follow these super simple steps while keeping in touch with the friendly team of artists at Inkache Tattoo.

  1. Design Decision: Understand your preference out of the vast array of tattoo styles. Don't rush! At Inkache Tattoo, the team can guide you through styles until you find one that swings with your personality.
  2. Booking: Once you've chosen your tattoo style, book a slot at this Melbourne tattoo studio. Use their form, text, or Wechat to set up an appointment.
  3. Consultation: Attend a one-on-one consultation with the artists. They will personalize your chosen design, making your tattoo a true reflection of you.
  4. The Experience: Enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime adventure of transforming into a human canvas. Surrender to the artist’s needle, and see your skin etched with the chosen creation.
    Remember Jessica, who ventured into Inkache Tattoo for her first-ever tattoo. Nervous and teetering on the edge of excitement, she went through similar steps. She found herself completely at ease once she entrusts her idea to Inkache Tattoo's reassuring artists. Her story perfectly portrays the dedication of Melbourne tattoo studios to turn each tattoo into a unique and personal story.

The Aftercare Guide

At the end of your tattooing experience at any Melbourne tattoo studio, aftercare is as important as the tattoo process itself. Following the advised aftercare procedures will ensure your body art heals well, enhancing its lasting beauty:

  • Days 1-3: Use a clean washcloth lightly dipped in lukewarm water to cleanse the tattoo area. Pat dry gently and finish off by applying a thin layer of cosmetic moisturizer, recommended by your studio.
  • Days 4-14: Continue moisturizing while letting the tattoo area breathe. Don’t cover it up with tight clothes.

Journeying through Tattoo Artistry

From traditional tattoos to a strong resurgence of blackwork tattoo styles, Melbourne's tattoo studios are pushing creative boundaries, rivalling their counterparts in artistic hotspots around the world. Among them, Inkache Tattoo, our home at 647 Glenferrie Rd in Hawthorn, VIC, is continuing to impress the tattoo community with its diverse artwork and accommodating services.
In this vibrant Melbourne tattoo studio scene full of art-driven stories, unfold your own by diving into the breathtaking world of tattoos. No matter your preference, Inkache Tattoo artists are ready for your visit, ready to breathe life into your desired tattoo design.

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